Thursday, February 21, 2008

I believe that the world is a beautiful place. I believe that there is a lot of joy, grace, freedom and happiness, but I also believe that there have been bad times and that there are still places on earth where people have to suffer, suffer from poverty, violence, ignorance, political oppression...

I've seen American Presidents who wanted to make this world - not just the United States - a better place. Most of them believe in what they did and thought it was the right thing to do, but some of them have been wiser than others. Some of them saw the problems in their country and all around the world more clearly than others and found better solutions to help the people and the planet.

I believe that President Obama will be wise enough to see clearly, to decide carefully, to lead responsibly. I believe that this man who has lived so many different stages of his life, who has had so many different roots, so many different influences... I believe that a man like him could hardly act ruthlessly.

I believe that he could talk to different groups in the world with more understanding.

How could he have a lack of understanding towards muslim people if his grandfather was a muslim?

How could he ignore the problems of Africa if 50% of his blood is Kenyan?

How could he not understand the problems of divorced families, having lived this situation himself?

How could he be idle, if he saw suppression, having fought the system of apartheid as a student?

No, I absolutely believe that President Obama will be a great president, who shall make this a more peaceful, a happier, and a more honest and harmonic place.

Even though I know he has never been to Europe - which is very sad for him - I believe that eh will find his way to deal with Europeans too. And I believe as well, that being 46 is not too young to be president. The opposite is the case. I DON'T believe that people who may have to live 10 or 15 years longer should take decisions for generations to come.

That's what I am thinking about Mr. Obama as a future president of the United States.
And now I'm just waiting and hoping for the Americans to make my dreams come true!

Benjamin, Age 31

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My name is Godfrey Selbar. I am 28 and a Nigerian. I believe Barack Obama is undoubtedly the best candidate for President. Some of my reasons are:

1. He is against the Iraq War and cowboy style leadership.
2. He has compassionate immigration policies.
3. His healthcare policies are affordable.
4. Coming from a mixed background, I believe he can unite American and the whole world.
5. He is the most intelligent American politician.
6. He is the greatest speaker/inspiration of today.

I am Canadian, and for the last 8 years I have been watching with dismay at how the U.S. has been hurtling politically and philosophically into this bizarre 18th century mindset. Everything in America seemed to be guided by this tight set of guys who have their own agenda in disrupting peace around the world, in stopping research in important areas, in mocking irrefutable scientific knowledge, in not taking steps to fight global warming, in taking the entire world in a direction of hatred and suspicion. The world and our own daily lives have changed beyond recognition in the last eight years, and the biggest share of the blame rests with the Bush administration.

Barack Obama is right. Experience is not everything. Judgment is... To be able to step back and see the Big Picture, not the narrow selfish interests of a small coterie of bigots. The Big Picture is that America is a unique part of this unique planet of ours.

And that a Big Brother is not supposed to be the one who is a Big Bully, but the one with the biggest shoulders, the biggest heart, the one who acts wisely, and the one who understands every action taken in haste will have unconscionable consequences for years and years.

The world needs Barack, the one who is not burdened with cynicism, and years of dealing with the same-old same-old. The world needs Barack because he has opened our arms and minds to embrace the fact that we can all work together to make the world and America a better place.

Keya Majoomdar
Oakville, Ontario

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I am Mahdi, 20 this year and studying at National University of Singapore. I am from Oman, but I am living in Singapore for now, and let me tell you, it's ObamaMania in both places.

The reasons why I support Barack Obama:

1.  War in Iraq - When the USA attachedk Afghanistan, we were in full support of the US, but when George Bush decided to attack Iraq, there were worldwide protests against it, including my country. In spite of being against the war, as an ally of the US, even we sent our soldiers to Iraq. US soldiers are stationed in the bases in Oman even today because of our proximity to Iraq. I support Barack for his opposition to the war. When the whole world saw the flaws in the argument against Iraq, only a few Senators and Congressmen did the same and Senator Obama was among the few who had the courage to stand against a bad, but popular, decision. He has the judgment that others running for office sorely lack.

2. Economy - My country's currency is pegged to the US dollar, that means that when the dollar value falls, so does mine and its an equally important issue for me over here as it is for you. I believe the whole mess of the economy is directly caused by the war and only Barack Obama has the capability to fix it. McCain is an absolute no because of his stance for the war and Clinton will never get anything done - not when she treats Republicans Congress members like devils.

3. War in Iran - If you feel the war in Iraq is getting tough, you haven't seen Iran yet. They are a much more powerful nation compared to Iraq and the people there are very united - unlike Iraq where they keep fighting among themselves. If the USA decides to go attack Iran like they did with Iraq, it will be the ultimate demise of a great nation. Iran has to be dealt with and no one feels the urgency more than me. We are a predominantly Sunni nation while Iran is predominantly Shitte/Shia and you know how well we get along from Iraq. But another war is not an option - not for America and not for the world. Barack Obama has remarkable skills in negotiations and his willingness to hear out his opponents puts him in a much more advantageous position than either Clinton or McCain. You do not negotiate with your opponents by terming them as the "axis of evil" and then expecting them to listen to you with an open mind. And I do not think either Clinton or McCain have the negotiating abilities that Obama does.

4. Inspiration - Even though the cynics say otherwise, it is actually on of the major reasons for electing him as President. Obama is not the George Bush who people want to have a beer with. likability and the power to inspire are very different things. Just a few minutes before I started writing this, I was watching a video of Obama's speech on the Potomac Primaries. I quote his words here:

"And if her students want to go on to college, they shouldn't fear decades of debt. That's why I'll make college affordable with an annual $4,000 tax credit, but you won't get it for free. You have to invest in community service, work in a homeless shelter, join the peace corps, learn a foreign language and join the foreign service. We will invest in you, you invest in your country, Together, America will move forward. That is what we dream of."

As a student, that moment was pure electric for me. If he can inspire me while addressing you, I can only imagine what effect it must be having on you. Don't let the cynics say that rhetoric is worthless. If he can inspire a whole generation of youth to invest in their country, work for community services, homeless shelters, etc; half of your domestic problems are solved even before he becomes the President.

So these are my purely selfish reason for supporting Senator Obama, but believe me, he is equally as good for you as he is for me.

Whew, that got long, didn't it. Three cheers for Barack Obama!

My name is Alan Harris, and I'm 20 years old, and I live in Ontario, Canada.
Although I'm not an American, and a Conservative to boot, I fully support Barack Obama. He is the best politician I have ever seen, that includes the politicians I have voted for here in Canada.

I just watched his "Yes, We Can." video, and even though, like I said, I am not American, it even empowered me.

I completely believe that Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States, and when he is, I urge him to visit Canada often.
First of all, I'm way too young [to vote]. Secondly, I don't live in the U.S. However, I wish I did. I've been there before, and it is a great place.

Reason I support: I used to hate politics before. When I found out about Obama, a shiver went down my spine every time he spoke. Also, one of my relatives in the U.S. is his accountant - after I found that out, I researched him, and now I adore him.

Manav Manghnani, Age 13
Obama seems like a really honest person. He also seems like he can change America and its foreign policy. He gives a good first impression. He is funny. He makes reasonable arguments in his debates against other candidates. His way of talking is "Presidential." He did not play any dirty moves on other candidates in his campaign. There are a lot of other reasons... but I think these should do it.

Vote Obama '08

Abdalla El Alaily, Age 19
Cairo, Egypt

Hope and encouragement are old political rhetoric; it has gone back and forth from the Republicans to the Democrats. The real test of a leader, in my opinion, is the ability to inspire a population. This cannot be done through fear-mongering, but through an honest message of change. When someone truly believes that they can make a difference, other people can see that and want to help. Humans are not naturally evil and untrustworthy, that is something that is taught to people. That is why when a true progressive message is offered to us, we believe it. 

Yes We Can.

Robert DeFilippi, Age 21
I'm willing to bet that if we knew how many people worldwide are voting for Obama... it would be more than the population of the U.S.!


Brad Delmore
Toronto, Canada
Hi, I'm 13 and I live in New York... I was born in Australia and am not a citizen, therefor I cannot vote. I have followed Obama for months, and if I could, I would definitely vote for him.

George Dennis
New York

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